Vision & mission of the department


Vision of University 

"Be a leader in enabling Pakistan's social and economic transformation"

Mission of University 

"Acquire education and research excellence in engineering and allied disciplines 
to produce leadership and enabling application of knowledge and skills 
for the benefit of the society with integrity and wisdom"

Vision of the Department

“Through its distinguished faculty and students, the Department of Biomedical Engineering strives to be a national leader in disseminating excellent education along with distinguished research in the field”

Mission of the Department

“To produce elite graduates who can strengthen the Biomedical engineering and allied sciences both locally and globally through their education, professionalism, ethical values, research and innovation by taking leadership roles in academia as well as in industry”

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduates of the biomedical engineering programme at NED university of Engineering and Technology will demonstrate:


Sound knowledge of engineering, mathematics, life sciences, and ethics; that will assist in problem solving using modern tools related to human healthcare and to improve the quality of life of individuals. 

Essential communication skills that will cater them in participating or taking leadership roles spanning over industry, academia or life sciences. 

A strong desire to enhance their careers by expanding their knowledge which brings global sustainability along with societal impact.